In an arrangement like business process outsourcing, it becomes crucial to know how safe your documents and data are with the outsourcing company. We at Alpha BPO understand and value your company’s confidentiality completely. Every minute detail, which forms a part of the privacy of our client company, such as the name, address, contact person etc. becomes a part of our company’s privacy.

It is understood that to do a task on your behalf, we have to collect certain information, documents and data from you. Sharing such information can raise questions about the confidentiality of the matter remaining intact or not. However, with Alpha BPO’s proper planning and policies, all the confidential data are well protected from vested interests.

Following are the measures implemented for safe and secure outsourcing:

Mandatory signature of the team on the data protection/non-disclosure agreement

Information is never passed on to third parties

Only team with authorized access cards allowed in the work floor

Staff not allowed to carry office documents home unless by prior permission for official use

Staff are given a separate user ID and password using which they get access to the data

No provision of CD/floppy drive on computers used by Executives

No provision of CD/floppy drive on computers used by Executives