Local SEO Services Help You Target where your customers are

We know how challenging it is to get a reasonable conversion rate. In the era where the customers are the king, it is becoming challenging to appeal to and attract suitable customers to your business. Instead of marketing to a generic crowd, companies need to concentrate their efforts on a particular audience section with a high probability of converting. That’s what local SEO is all about.

Alpha BPO is an established local SEO company in the Netherlands with a proven track record of helping small businesses and global corporations with targeted local marketing services.

Get the Best Local SEO Company in the Netherlands on Your Side

Though having an online presence is necessary for any business. But, what matters most is where and to whom your business is made visible.

Do you know that 75% of people search on Google for a local business? These people require services and are on the brink of converting. Our local SEO services take you right to the door of the users searching for your services in your area. This approach enables you to establish your position in the location market and get high revenue with a small investment.


Local Business Marketing

Our Local SEO Services Make Sure Your Business Is Seen by the Right People, in the Right Places, at the Right Time!

The best way to increase your conversions is to place your business where your target audience will look for. That’s what we help you do at Alpha BPO. We analyze your business and its intended audience and identify the platforms they use to search for your services. We get your business out and front to the probable customers in the most cost-effective way that directly impacts the revenue.

Local SEO Services in the Netherlands

Local SEO is an essential part of optimizing your business through local marketing. We perform keyword research based on the location, your services, working hours, and other related factors to identify the terms your target customers use. Our local SEO services also include on-page and off-page optimization, which helps to quickly scale high in the search engine rankings and increase your leads.

Business Listings

Business listings are the online versions of the physical phone directories. In the Netherlands, Google has the greatest share of search engine usage at almost 96%, followed by Bing and DuckDuckGo. Therefore, we optimize the local business listings on these search engines and other specific platforms like Yelp, Foursquare, Factual, and Infobel to increase your online presence.

Local PPC

Rather than spending huge bucks of money for PPC for a common region, we target the users only in the areas where you provide your services. With local PPC like Google Local Ads, only those near your business location are shown your ads, which helps get valuable leads at less expenditure.

Social Media Marketing

Social media has become the prime platform for businesses to interact with customers. We help set up your business profile and local business pages on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn and interact with local users. Leverage organic posts and paid social media ads to retarget and increase the effectiveness of local marketing.

Google Business Optimization

As a location-specific business, it is important to get on the customers’ radar by searching through the most dominant search engine in the Netherlands –Google. Therefore, we optimize the information on the Google Business Profile and add the relevant contact details and location details interrelated with Google Maps to make your business easily discoverable.

Apart from these services, we create local website pages, optimize your website for mobile phones and implement mobile marketing strategies. If you want an integrated local marketing plan for your business, contact us today and talk to one of our marketing experts.

Partner with the smartest local SEO company in the Netherlands and ascend to the top of the local market.