In the present digital age, Internet has spread its wings among all the people across the globe. At present, there are already millions of websites on the Internet and this figure is rapidly increasing with the time.

People need websites for all purposes ranging from simple personal or business websites to dynamic social networking websites. Again, the need for improved features in these websites has also increased drastically with the advancing times. Thanks to PHP which has made the task of creating outstanding websites to serve all purposes.

PHP is basically a server side scripting language created mainly for the purpose of web development but is also used for programming. PHP offers the best features and functionalities when it comes to developing exceptional websites.

It provides with numerous useful, rich and interactive features and an ease of access due to which the user is able to have a matchless experience. Moreover, it is available freely as an open source technology which attracts worldwide developers to explore it and invent new inventive concepts.

PHP is largely a server side scripting language. One of the important features of PHP is that it can be easily embedded into HTML. Using PHP for website development offers many advantages due to which today it is widely used worldwide to develop superb websites. Some of the advantages of using PHP for web development are as follows:

  1. Easy to use: Due to its easily understandable syntax, PHP is an easy to learn and easy to implement scripting language.
  2. Control: As compared to other coding languages which require long scripts to be written to implement any functionality, PHP can do the same work with very little coding which signifies its control over the website.
  3. Cost efficient: As PHP is an open source coding language it is easily and freely available to access and use by people at large. This makes it highly cost effective to deploy and use for web development purpose.
  4. Access to support: PHP is being used by a large number of people worldwide due to which a community of PHP users has been formed. If you get stuck anywhere while using PHP, you can easily get the needed support from this community of PHP users.
  5. Secured: By far it is one of safest ways of developing websites as it has got a security layer which provides protection against threats and viruses.

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