Once upon a time, there was a time when there were only desktop computers available for use. Then came laptop computers followed by tablets and mobiles. The noteworthy point here is that each device comes in different screen size than the other. So, when viewing a website on different devices it becomes necessary for the web page to sync according to the size of the screen of the respective device. This feature is called the responsiveness of a web page to suite the screen size of the respective device.

With advancement in technology and screen size becoming smaller by the time, it has become essential for websites to become responsive in nature. Now, with the advent of smart phones and people using Internet on regular basis on their mobile devices, it has become all the more necessary for websites to become mobile responsive websites.

Imagine if you surfed a particular shopping website on your laptop one day and after a few days you surf the same website on your smart phone while you are out and want to purchase a particular product from the site. What if you need to scroll all the different product pages of the site up and down and right and left in order to find the location of the one particular product that you are searching for? What a tiring and irritating experience it would become for you!

This is what happens if a website is not mobile responsive in nature. On the other hand, if a website is mobile responsive, then you will be able to surf it in a much more easy and convenient way and be able to find the product easily on the website as compared to a mobile unresponsive website. The entire process of website surfing would become simplified and easy to surf for the user.

In today’s busy times, there would hardly be a few people who would take the pains to surf an unresponsive site. Most people would leave the site on seeing its unresponsiveness and the hassle it includes in surfing an unresponsive site. On the other hand, a responsive website will attract more audience through the tablets as well as mobile devices and in turn increase the website traffic to a great extent. Thus, it has become extremely necessary for any website to become responsive in order to get more users and continuous traffic on the platform.

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