Based on PHP and MySQL, WordPress is a free and open-source content management system (CMS) which was created in 2003. Originally, WordPress started with a code improved the way of writing on a daily basis and there were very few people using it. Right since then, it has developed into one of the largest self-hosting blogging mediums across the globe.

WordPress has been developed as an open source project which means that it is a software which is developed by and for the user community. This presents with immense opportunities for developers to develop the software cohesively and be able to share and learn together.

However, the contributions by the users have not been limited only up to the coding side, as there are a lot of productivity applications being developed and email software creation is endless. It also means one is free to use it for any purpose, right from a food recipe site to a Fortune 500 website, that too without paying for a license fee and along with number of other important features.

WordPress enables building a site with a professional look and feel even without any coding knowledge and can create different types of websites as per the needs of the user. It offers numerous themes to select the best fit as per the user’s choice. It is pretty easy to update and add WordPress to a blog as it runs online in the cloud and there is no need to install any software program or use any special tools for the purpose.

The plugin architecture of WordPress enables the user to enhance the functionality of a blog. WordPress has more than 40,501 plugins due to which it offers custom features that allow the user to create websites based on their specific requirements. A user is allowed to do customizations ranging from search engine optimization to client portals which are used to display private information to users who have logged in as well as to content management systems.

WordPress can be freely used and modified and it allows the user to host the website on any platform and it also allows changing the hosting service whenever there is a need. If the user is well versed with coding, he can also change the code according to the desired website output he wants to generate.

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